Mushrooms & Seaweed

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Certified OrganicIngredients: organic Chaga dual extract powder, organic Reishi dual extract powder, organic Coriolus dual extract powder, organic Cordyceps extract powder, organic Lion's Mane extract powder, organic Maitake extract powder Origin: China    Processed: CanadaProduction: All mushroom have been cultivated in greenhouses with...

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SKU: B720-44

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Botanical name: Ascophyllum nodosumCertified OrganicOrigin: Atlantic CanadaQualities: Kelp is an underwater plant with a deep green colour and high nutritional content. Kelp powder is a great source of iodine, a trace mineral that aids in healthy thyroid function. Common Use: Kelp...

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Botanical Name: Spirulina platensis, Arthrospira platensisIngredients: Pure C-Phycocyanin. No fillers, binders, or flow agents have been added. Certified OrganicCountry of Origin: ChinaProduction: Color Value is E25.5. Spirulina cell walls are broken, phycocyanin separated with centrifuge extraction, filtered, and freeze dried. Qualities: The...

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