MOREL MUSHROOMS, whole, wildcrafted

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Botanical name: Morchella Elata 

Origin: Canada

These morels were picked on an un-named mountain beside a lake in a remote location in the Yukon Territories, very far from any agricultural areas and human use zones, in a large, one year old wildfire area where the wild fires were never controlled and were allowed to burn out naturally. These areas are large expanses of boreal forest or muskeg and are not agriculturally suitable and thus have never been farmed. 

Processing: The drying process consists of mushrooms spread on racks that are initially placed in the sun for 2-3 days then finished in a heated, vented enclosure to remove all moisture. The mushrooms are then weighed and placed in sealed containers.

Safety: UV from sun acts as a sterilizing factor combined with minimal handling of the product and the purity of the natural environment in which they grow make this product very safe to eat.

Common use: Morels when prepared are rehydrated for 20 mins, washed and then must be cooked as they are hard to digest raw. Soak in pure water for 20mins, and try them in stirfrys and sautes, on their own fried with butter is a favorite, or rinse and add them into your pot of rice without soaking.


Wild Harvested in northern BC