ORGANIC ALMONDS, California, carmel

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USA - Flash Pasteurisation is mandatory in California. Whole almonds are pasteurized in dry steam at 213 deg. F for 35 sec. Tests show that their core temperature doesn't go above 115 degrees.


Short term: cool, dark, and dry. If storing for long periods, keep refrigerated or best frozen.

Nutrition Facts

Almonds are considered to be healthy due to their fatty acid spectrum. This consists of 80% oleic acid, 15% linoleic acid and 5% palmitic acid. In addition, they have 19% protein, 16% carbohydrates and many minerals, above all potassium and vitamins B1 and B2. 


California Type
This classification includes a number of varieties, all of which are blanchable, and used primarily in manufactured products. California shells are of medium thickness, and their skins have a color that is slightly darker than the Nonpareil. As a result, the California variety is quite adaptable, and well suited for nearly any process or application.
Carmel Type
Actually a member of the California type varieties, the Carmel has become popular enough to warrant its own classification. A soft-shell variety, Carmel almonds are often used for blanching and roasting. Because they are easily processed, Carmel types are often substituted for both Nonpariel and California.

Almonds have been cultivated for the last 200 years and are as versatile as the manner in which they are processed. Almonds are harvested between August and October. The main regions of cultivation are California/USA, Australia and the Mediterranean area, primarily Spain and Italy.

A distinction is made between bitter and sweet almonds. Sweet almonds are bred by means of grafting the bitter almonds. In California, 100 % of the almonds harvested are sweet almonds with no bitter almond share. The cultivation of large plantations leads to even fertilization and artificial irrigation.The most important varieties are "Nonpareil", "Carmel", "Monterey", "Butte", "Padre" and "Sonora". Almonds from the Mediterranean region are more aromatic than those from California.