Oils, Extracts, and Vinegars

organic-vinegar-and-tamari.pngWelcome to our growing selection of organic Oils, Vinegars and Extracts! Shop around and discover the many different kinds we offer. We stock a wide range of oils, such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Hemp Oil making healthy salad dressings, organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, and Rice Vinegar for making DIY pickles, salad dressings, or herbal vinegar bitters. Use our amazing Lemon Juice in your morning water, or use the fresh Lime Juice in your cooking or cocktails. Also try our range of organic flavour extracts as great additions to smoothies, baking, or drinks. For more information about our selection of Oils, Vinegars, Extracts, and Liquids - and what some of our top picks are, feel free to contact us! Happy Shopping! - Om