WAREHOUSE PICK-UP IS CLOSED and local shipping is replacing it!

Free over $150 - or $10 under $150 within 75km of Nelson

At this point in time, we realize that the best way to serve our community is to close the warehouse option until further notice and offer delivery options instead. We believe this change will help to expedite processing times and allow us to serve all of our customers much better.
Free delivery over $150 or $10 flat-rate below $150 (within 75km of Nelson)


We remain closed for any in-store shopping, however, we are offering a new shipping option!

This option, depending on your postal code, will allow you to choose  *New* Local Shipping  at VERY affordable rates! 


We will no be able to accommodate ANY add-ons/subtractions/or changes.
ALL SALES ARE FINAL until further notice.
We will not be able to issue returns, or refunds for ANY orders placed.
LOCAL STORE continues to be CLOSED
We are not be able to offer ANY product to you in our store for sale. All POS tills are still closed until further notice.